HOW TO: Colourblock Shoes

Like any regular fashion-conscious young person, I like new shoes.

But, also like any regular uni student, I don’t have the spare cash to splash on each new trendy shoe.

For instance: everywhere I look at the moment, I see colour-blocking. Tops, dresses, pants, and yes, shoes.

So I wanted a thrifty way to go about incorporating this trend into my footwear. And my solution? Nail polish.

Yep, slapping a coat of nail polish onto a pair of shoes to give them a new lease on life.

Obviously, don’t go around putting OPI or Chanel or a pricey brand on your shoes. I like using Ulta3, which costs all of a two-dollar coin.

So what I did was find some shoes I wouldn’t be too upset if it didn’t work out: these ones I bought for fourteen dollars. Others, below, are ones I’ve had a few years which needed freshening up.

I taped off all the areas I didn’t want to accidentally get polish on, and off I went.

With large areas, don’t be afraid to have a lot of paint on your brush; for smaller, more fiddly sections, a fairly dry brush is a safer option. This black and gold pair are a good example of that.

Let them dry, and do a few more coats if you need.

Be careful of spills; I experimented with using nail polish remover to tidy up edges on another pair, and I was left with disintegrated fake suede. (Also, carpet and nail polish don’t get along so well.)

And voila! Colour-blocked shoes on a lemonade budget!


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