HOW TO: Customised Cardigan

Have a cardigan that’s a little boring? Or you want something different to your friends? Or, maybe – like me – you have a rather tight budget, but don’t want to give in to boring clothes.

This is where this cardigan comes in. I got it for just under ten dollars at Big W. Yup.

But there’s nothing fun or exciting about it. So I found some embroidery floss, and a needle, and got to work.

Using three strands of embroidery floss, I made large stitches around the neckline. This takes literally no skill at all, and doesn’t need to be neat, either.

I ended up doing four rows of these stitches, alternating between red and white, but you could do any pattern that suits you.

Because you’re doing such big stitches, make sure not to pull too hard, or else the fabric will bunch up and sit weird.

This project took maybe half an hour at the most to do.


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