Statement Jewlery

Have nothing to wear this weekend but want to make a statement? Why not steer away from the eye catching outfits you have hidden your wardrobes and make a statement with an amazing piece of jewelry! It’s easy!  Big bold and colorful necklaces, bracelets and rings are huge right now with many celebrities donning this look on the red carpets and famous runways!

Need a little help on how to pull this fab look off? You have come to the right place!

1. Less is more…  One or the other: a bold necklace or big earrings..don’t mix and match, stick to the one.  However if you do want to wear two pieces then pair earrings with a big cuff or bracelet!
2. Turqouise pieces are totally in right now! (hint, hint)
3. Large chunky necklace and neon colored jewelry is a must! Trust me the neon colours help brighten up a dull winter day. Just remember to keep your outfit simple and let the jewelry do the talking!
4. If you decide to wear multiple colored jewelry, restrict your outfit to more neutral colours to make more of a statement!
5. Prepare yourself for the compliments to keep on rolling….

DIY statement jewelry is becoming more and more popular. It’s both fun and cheap.

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