Flip through any magazine or scroll the photos of fashion bloggers these days and you are bound to notice one common trend: balayage.

This hair craze has been sported by the likes of Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson for some time now and shows no sign of moving. But what exactly is it? Well, remember the days when regrowth was a major hair no-no? It’s time to move on from that! Leaving your roots to be much darker than the ends is now the must have hair trend and is also the most requested technique in salons.

The art of balayage can be applied to any hair colour, from black roots gradually turning into a chestnut brown, to dark blonde waning out to a stunning sunlit blonde. The look of the trend is one that looks effortless and as if the sun has caught your hair and naturally lightened it.

If however you are feeling more daring and adventurous than just having brown and blonde two toned hair, balayage has been reworked recently to girls making their ends any colour of the rainbow.

From fairy floss pink to sky blue, celebrities such as Kate Bosworth and Katy Perry are embracing the dip dyed style and rocking it on the red carpet. So hop on the bandwagon and make an appointment with your hairdresser ladies, balayage is not going anywhere and is definitely a trend to try!

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