Nail Art

Say goodbye to one colour nails! The biggest craze to hit 2012 is nail art!

Think leopard print, glitter, polka dots, Aztec prints or even a photo of a celeb.  Luckily for  of us who are not as steady handed as professionals, OPI and Sally Hansen have made it easy for us. They have made nail strips and with one easy step we can have perfectly primped nails. Just stick the strip onto your nails then slowly pull it away and voila!

OPI have also released a range of nail polish colours embracing the trend which features quirky colours such as ‘Disco Dolls’, ‘A Million Sparkles’, and ‘Follow Me On Glitter’ all of which are full of glittery goodness!

Along with this trend, another one to keep your eye out for is shellac. It is a new revolutionary product that will make acrylic nails obsolete! Shellac nails last up to 14 days without a single chip, scratch or smudge! Best of all once they come off they do not weaken your nails, like acrylics tend to do!

Have a scroll through below to see fashionistas sporting the trend!

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