HOW TO: Statement Necklace

You will need:

A picture of what you want the statement piece to be
Fabric (I used netting, but anything will work really.)
Needle (make sure it’s skinny enough to fit through your beads!!)
Necklace closure

1. Pin your picture to your fabric and cut out around the edge, leaving a streamer of fabric along each side.

2. If using a sheer fabric, cut out another two shapes, this time completely around the picture.

3. Begin beading! Any pattern or design you please! Make sure to pick up all the layers of fabric as you do

4. Cut the streamers of fabric into three, and plait them to make the necklace.

5. Sew the necklace closer to one end of the necklace, and create a loop out of thread on the other.

Hooray! You have a new necklace!

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