From Bean to Bar

Perfect chocolate is impressionable. With a distinct flavour, silky texture and brittle snap it has become an indulgence many enjoy.

Combining an underlying respect for quality produce with the skill of a Michelin starred reputation is Parisian chef Alain Ducasse in his latest venture, Le Chocolat.

Positioned in the Bastille district of Paris is the factory where Ducasse takes origin specific, raw cocoa beans and fashions them into premium chocolate.

Their aroma greets you curb side, engages your curiosity and leads you into the factory. The retails space has industrial windows and through them you can view the chocolatiers at work.

For sale are flavoured truffles, crisp pralines and squares of origin specific ganache. Presented in glass cabinets like jewels their glossy finish is tantalising.

The classics are available too. Like covered almonds, dipped oranges, mediants and even plain blocks but a go to for first timers is the ‘Discovery Box.’

Inside are twenty one chocolates each unique in flavour and unparalleled in quality.

What gives Ducasse this finesse is an underlying respect for the produce he uses. “He speaks about the product and just the product,” says ex protégé Elian Bernadac.

Ducasse “looks at single flavours and wants to do them justice,” says Bernadac in reference to Ducasse’s gastronomic philosophy.

There is no arguing that Le Chocolat de Alain Ducasse produces chocolate of a quality that would be difficult to find anywhere other than Paris.

Just ensure to pack your self-control because these delicious treats are hard to resist.

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