Procrastinationitis: A fifteen letter word that describes a disease uni students get whilst they are avoiding studying.

It’s come to that time in semester when assignments are due and although the summer sun lingers the holidays are well and truly over. Ever looming due dates, referencing and group assignments start to consume your mind.

Then comes the time when uni students are most vulnerable to catch procrastinationitis. It’s not a deadly disease but can result in bad semester marks if not treated quickly.

Procrastinationitis is where you place something of little importance ahead of something important.

For example: painting your fingernails instead of writing a 2000 word essay, playing xbox over finding references.  Or making cupcakes, then decorating them, and making a cup of tea to go with the cupcakes then having a 30 minute break from all this to consume your creations.

Although these activities add a fun element to procrastinating, the downfall is the horrible feeling in your stomach when you have to cram at 4am on Monday morning to study for a test or finish an essay.

No matter how many cups of coffee you consume, you cannot possibly do as good as if you started the assignment 2 weeks ago.

Sure, you may be able to pass but in the long run you’re only doing yourself harm by not getting on top of things.

You’ll be wishing that your past self hadn’t left this to the last minute so that future you could be less stressed and receive a good mark that you deserve.

Procrastinationitis is easy to catch so to help you avoid it follow this checklist.

P: Prepare time to do the assignment.

R: Read up on the topic, so you have a starting point.

O: Open the word doc, open the page. Have the assignment open in front of you ready to start.

C: Create a routine for yourself. For example: every week after the lecture on the train home do the weekly readings.

R: Reference as you go. It makes it 10 times easier at the end when you’re trying to finish an essay.

A: Allocate someone to be accountable to. Pick someone who is going to check in on your progress. Note: Mums are good for this.

S: Stick at it. Keep forcing yourself to do it. It’s like medicine you hate to take it but it will make you better.

T: . Turn off the mobile phone, the tv, music and facebook. They can be distracting.

I: If you’re avoiding it because you don’t understand. Find someone who can help you.

N: Never leave it to the last minute. It won’t end well.

A: Allow yourself a quick break.

T: Treat yourself. For example if you complete 500 words by 7pm then you get to watch Home and Away.

E: Enjoy the completion of the assignment. Do something you enjoy. Go celebrate by having coffee with a mate or going to movies.

If you follow these tips you’ll be able to avoid procrastinationitis. Don’t be fooled it can easily creep up on you if you put off doing your uni assignments.

You’ll be able to spot students on campus who have caught procrastinationitis because they’ll be wearing an oversized cardigan, have bags under their eyes, their hair will be a mess and they’ll be holding a grande size coffee from Starbucks.

You don’t want to be one of these people. To avoid being one of them just try and chew away at your assignments how a cow grazes on grass.

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